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Since 1932, more than 20 million Perkins engines have been chosen to power over 5,000 different machines. For over twenty years Sabre Plant and Marine have been part of the Perkins dealer network. This ensures the latest products, service and readily available stock help keep your engine running smoothly and minimise down time. From tractors to generator sets, we can offer a full range of genuine Perkins parts to help keep your engine operational. This includes filters, gaskets, water pumps, turbochargers, fuel pumps, injectors, consumables, oil pumps and thermostats. From our base in Aberdeen, Scotland we can deliver locally and ship accross the UK.

Selection of pistons, liners, bearings and gaskets

Why should I use genuine engine parts?

Using genuine parts for your engine is the optimum way of keeping it running long into the future. Perkins Powerparts are precision engineered to fit your engine and are rigorously tested for quality. Therefore by using only Perkins parts, you have the reassurance of the part being compatible with you engine. Furthermore, all Perkins genuine parts come with a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

Quality Service Exchange

The Service Exchange programme allows you to buy remanufactured parts at competitive prices. By simply exchanging your used part (core) when you place your order. It is a cost-effective way of obtaining ‘as new’ parts that offer the same quality, performance and reliability as brand new components.

The remanufacturing process restores used parts to their original ‘as new’ condition. Furthermore, Perkins offer the same Powerpart 12-month warranty as we do for original components.

The Power Exchange programme provides an alternative to buying original parts but still gives you peace of mind when maintaining, repairing or overhauling your engine.

The scope of the programme means that parts for over 25 engine ranges are available for exchange and purchase, so whichever engine it is you are servicing there’s probably a remanufactured part for it.

Click here to download the Perkins Exchange Core Acceptance Criteria booklet.

Identifying your engine

For us to be able to identify the correct Perkins parts for your engine, we require the engine serial number. The serial number allows us to identify each part that was fitted when your engine left the factory.

You can find this information on a metal plate commonly fixed to the engine block. The plate is typically found on the left-hand side of your engine.

For example, a serial number could be PJ 12345 U 123456P. Your engine plate will usually look like:

Example of Perkins engine data plate

For further help locating this information click here

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We offer a variety of different delivery options. Using our own vehicles, we can offer a same day service to the local area. For nationwide coverage we can provide a next day service and priority services for emergency orders. We are also able to ship internationally to various location around the world.