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Marine Engine parts including filters, injectors and control panels

Genuine Parts

For over twenty years Sabre Plant and Marine have been part of the official UK dealer network. We have readily available stock to help keep your engine running and minimise down time. Based in the Aberdeen, Scotland we can supply locally and across the UK. We offer a full range of genuine Perkins Marine parts including filters, gaskets, water pumps, turbochargers, fuel pumps, instrument panels, header tanks, heat exchangers and thermostats. Each one has been designed and built to meet the requirements of your engine. We can supply a full range of genuine parts for engines M92B, M190C, M216C, M250C and M300C models. All Perkins Marine parts are supplied with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. Contact our sales team today for a quotation.

Why should I use genuine marine parts?

Using genuine parts for your engine is the optimum way of keeping it running long into the future. Perkins Marine Parts are precision engineered to fit your engine and are rigorously tested for quality. Therefore by using only Perkins Marine parts, you have the reassurance of the part being compatible with you engine. Furthermore, all geniuine parts come with a comprehensive 12-month warranty.

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Identifying your engine

For us to be able to identify the correct parts for your engine, we require the engine serial number. The serial number allows us to identify each part that was fitted when your engine left the factory.

You can find this information on a metal plate commonly fixed to the engine block. The plate is typically found on the left-hand side of your engine.

For example, a serial number could be PJ 12345 U 123456P. Your engine plate will usually look like:

Example of Perkins engine data plate

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Perkins Marine M92B

New Marine Engines

For over twenty years Sabre Plant and Marine have been part of the Perkins Marine Power UK dealer network. We can supply a full range of current marine engines including the M92B models. Based in the Aberdeen, Scotland we can supply locally and accross the UK.

Perkins Marine engines provide propulsion for small pleasure craft, high-speed powerboats and commercial craft, including fishing vessels, dredgers, pilot boats and tugs. With engines giving 64-225 kW (86-300 hp), there’s a Perkins propulsion engine for your marine needs. Perkins Marine engines also provide auxiliary power (12.3-218 kW/13.8-275 kVa) to generate the electricity for lighting, pumps and haul net equipment. Contact our sales team today for a engine quotation.

Pleasure craft

Quiet, low emission engines for pleasure craft propulsion are ideal for both new-builds and for repowering existing craft. They give dependable cold starting, one-sided easy access for maintenance and 500-hour service intervals. Owners, from the smallest of vessels to offshore powerboats, have consistently chosen Perkins Marine engines. Because build quality, ease of servicing, low cost of ownership and compliance with marine environmental standards are our top priorities.

For smaller pleasure craft, there is the M92B engine. This 4.4 litre propulsion unit delivers 64 kW (86 hp) with a peak torque of 308 Nm at 1200 rpm. For larger pleasure and commercial vessels there are propulsion engines up to 6.6 litre, giving 96-225 kW (130-300 hp).


The exceptional cold starting ability of the Perkins Marine propulsion engines gives commercial operators the reliability and durability they demand. As a result, the M92B engine is popular for use in fishing vessels, patrol and pilot boats and passenger ferries.

Auxiliary power

Perkins Marine also supply engines for on-board auxiliary use. They power electricity generator sets to power lightening, pumps and haul net gear on fishing boats. Perkins Marine engines for auxiliary applications offer the same impressive features as all our marine engines:

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low engine noise and vibration
  • Rapid cold starting and pick-up built in
  • Single-side maintenance access
  • Extended service intervals

Whatever your auxiliary needs, Perkins Marine have an engine for you from the 1.496 litre 415GM that delivers 12.3-14.7 kW (13.8-16.5 kVA) up to the 7 litre E70TAG that delivers 109-218 kW (125-250 kVA).

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We offer a variety of different delivery options. Using our own vehicles, we can offer a same day service to the local area. For nationwide coverage we can provide a next day service and priority services for emergency orders. We are also able to ship internationally to various location around the world.